Frequently answered questions

General Questions
What is the purpose of IARC? 
IARC provides a way of distinguishing quality education in the post-secondary sector. IARC aspires to the highest educational and operational standards for colleges and institutions, with little bureaucracy for schools and institutions to join the Centre. The result is an affordable quality control system.  

Can I get an 'accreditation statement' from IARC?
IARC does not provide an accreditation statement - we are transitioning away from course accreditation to a new form of course endorsement by the end of this year. We do not use the term accreditation as it is misleading and is often linked to formal government courses of education - we are independent non-profit education quality management organisation. We are not linked to any government systems as we offer services to schools globally is it not possible for us to be associated with government (policy) in any particular region. 
I want to make a complaint about a member organisation. What happens if I make a complaint? 
Students of organisational members are entitled to bring a complaint to the IARC Executive Committee Board. When a school or college is found to be contravening IARC requirements for registration, that institution will have their recognition immediately suspended until an investigation is undertaken. If necessary, membership will be ceased at the discretion of the Executive Committee Board on completion of a thorough investigation. For the member organisation, a new application for recognition will only be considered after a period of 12 months and that new application must show that any contravened requirement(s) has been corrected. You can read more on this in our Public Protection Policy.  

I want to make a complaint against IARC - what should I do?  
You need to submit a formal complaint to the President of IARC to [email protected].  

What is the difference between approval and registration? 
Registration is granted to schools and institutions, whereas course approval is granted to specific courses that meet course requirements. Not all of a school’s courses may be approved even if they hold organisational membership.  

Organisational Membership Questions 
Who can join and become an organisational member? 
Schools, colleges and institutions delivering post-secondary education, including vocational education, adult education, lifestyle learning, workplace training, professional development courses, undergraduate and postgraduate education. These institutions may register as an IARC approved provider of post secondary education.  

Why are there different levels of organisational membership?  Different membership levels allows us to work with many colleges and institutions who are seeking varying levels of support or promotion. If you’re interested in forming a relationship with IARC in a form other than what is currently advertised, we are open to discussion on business to business partnering and commercial agreements. Please note we are not-for-profit organisation and will only enter into arrangements or agreements which benefit our members.  

Who can become an affiliated member? 
Professionals running consultancy services are primary applicants of Affiliate Membership category. Please contact us to find out more about this membership option.  

How does IARC's Quality Framework compare with other quality management systems? 
Our Quality Framework covers core components of education which are deemed critical to the success of students, to the overall student experience and the responsibilities of staff. Most government recognition systems are geared toward standards for one county, region or country and therefore can be limiting in the age of globalisation and human movement. Employers may find it difficult to map to familiar qualifications from those studied overseas.  The criteria for organisational membership is built around quality standards which exist across a range of countries. Criteria for membership has been rigorously tried and tested and continues to evolve today with feedback from institutions, employers, industry and as a result of regulatory change. We are proud of this. 

What advantages does registration have for members?
Through the global network, IARC members maintain communication with other educators and as such, are in many ways more aware of global trends than other institutions. This network also provides contacts for those colleges and their students beyond their own country. There are many benefits of membership - you may read more here.  

I'm registering as an Organisational Member, will I be able to use the IARC Logo? 
Yes! Registration and/or approval took effort for you to achieve. You are welcome to use the IARC logo on your websites, literature or promotion material. We can share high resolution images with you once you're approved. If you would like additional promotional material such as a glass plaque or leaflets for events or students, please contact us at least 6 weeks before the event to allow ordering. Charges apply for ordering (supply and postage) of IARC promotional materials. Contact [email protected] for more information. 

When does a new member pay the first annual membership fee? 
New members are required to pay their first annual fee on joining, after the application is approved by the Committee. Are all organisational membership applications approved? No, approximately one third of applications are not accepted due. Some applications fail to meet the criteria minimum and therefore would not be eligible for membership (registration with the Centre). Other applications which meet the minimum requirements are submitted to the Committee for a decision. We cannot comment on the likelihood of a successful application outcome until a full application has been submitted. 

Can I get any help preparing an application for Organisational Membership? 
Yes, we are here to help. You are responsible for compiling your evidence for the application however you may request a meeting with IARC’s Registration Team in person, over the phone, on skype etc to assist you with any questions you may have. 

What does registration mean? 
It means an institution has, on the basis of a formal submission, been judged as reputable, and satisfied the minimum criteria set out in our Quality Framework. Registration as an Organisational Member does not automatically mean that courses offered by that institution are endorsed by IARC. 

Professional Development Awards (Courses only) Questions 

What does Course Approval mean? (currently under review
Approval of course means the course meets benchmarks devised by IARC which are central factors in establishing the credibility of that course.