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Credentials: Private School offering post-secondary vocational education promoting lifelong learning and achievement. Member of the Institute of Horticulture Careers Advisory Bureau, CYC Approved Centre (central YMCA Qualifications), Complimentary Medicine Association College Member, Full Member British Institute for Learning and Development
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Course NameCourse DescriptionCategoryStatus
Asp.Net This course provides a comprehensive introduction to ASP.NET for students wishing to further develop their understanding of, and ability to creatively use the internet. By the end of the course, the student should be able to easily understand all the major aspects of ASP.NET and use it to produce their own web applications. Information Technology
Associate Diploma In E Commerce Develop a mix of skills in I.T. and marketing, which are in high demand world wide. Ecommerce is a must have skill for managers in any industry not just IT because all businneses now use the world wide web as another point of sale. To successfully sell on the web knowledge of the way business and marketing goes on the web is a must have. Great course for Marketing managers and Business managers. Information Technology Accredited
Associate Diploma In Information Technology Management Develops a balance of skills in both Informatiuon Technology and management to produce a graduate with the foundation training to manage an IT business or department. This course does not require any previous IT experience though experience in using a personal computer will be useful. Information Technology Accredited
Certificate In Electronic Journalism Develop skills in freelance writing, programming a web site and a broad understanding of the modern publishing industry. The publishing industry has changed greatly over recent decades, embracing IT not only for writing, but also production and increasingly for publishing. This is a very good course for anyone seeking a start in today's publishing industry. Most writing is now done on a computer, regardless of whether it is for web or print. English, Creative Writing and Journalism Accredited
Diploma In Multidisciplinary Studies This course provides a unique opportunity to study an unconventional combination of practical disciplines in order to provide a very broad capacity to adapt and apply yourself in a wide variety of industry roles.Research in Germany (and elsewhere) indicates that people who have a broader based tertiary education tend to develop more successful careers. Business Accredited
Macromedia Flash Mx This course provides a comprehensive introduction to Macromedia Flash MX. Information Technology
Advanced Aerobics Lessons in this course cover elements necessary for a career in aerobic instruction such as class design, leadership, and organising classes. Sports, Recreation and Fitness
Advanced Certificate In Applied Management (Crops) This Advanced Certificate develops both the skills required to manage a horticultural farm (eg. Market Garden, Orchard), and also the knowledge in the identification, growing, processing and marketing crops and crop related products. Horticulture Accredited
Advanced Certificate In Applied Management (Publishing And Journalism) Study four core units (ie. Management, Office Practices, Business Operations and Marketing Foundations); three stream units covering publishing and writing and a workplace project on the publishing industry. English, Creative Writing and Journalism Accredited
Advanced Diploma In Horticulture (Crops) A comprehensive course to gain knowledge on all aspects of crop business management. Horticulture Accredited
Advanced Freelance Writing This course develops and sharpens your writing skills largely through interaction with the tutor. Apart from that though, you will read about different writing techniques, you will conduct research and interviews, and plan projects. English, Creative Writing and Journalism
Adventure Tourism Learn to plan and manage services in adventure tourism. Environment
Advertising & Promotions This course will firstly help you to understand the marketing world, then develop your marketing decision making skills, as well as your general marketing skills. Learn how to write and use effective advertising copy, and to plan and manage an appropriate promotional campaign for any product or service, in any industry. Business
Anatomy II (Human) An advanced anatomy course developed for people wishing to develop a career in health and human sciences, paramedical jobs and alternative therapists, specially massage therapists and other health care professions working in close contact with the patients body. Science
Animal Health Care Introduces students to common animal health problems, treatments and veterinary practice. Science
Aromatherapy Develop a basic understanding of the safe use of Aromatherapy oils; and their production. Horticulture
Associate Diploma In Human Resource Management Effective Human Resource Management is an essential part of the development and execution of company strategy. A great Human Resource Manager is multi-skilled, and has a broad knowledge base. This course is a comprehensive foundation on which to build a strong career in HR. It covers a diverse range of subjects; which is indicative of the scope of this profession. The course has been developed by a professional with over 30 years experience in the field. Business Accredited
Associate Diploma In Marketing Management This course develops the skills necessary for managing a small business, or a department within a larger business. Developed by professionals with many years of experience, it covers a range of topics that will ensure your career in Management has a strong foundation. Business Accredited
Berry Production For the enthusiast or commercial grower, covering all aspects of the care & cultivation of common, and uncommon, berry fruit; with the opportunity to specialise to some degree in one type of berry. Horticulture
Biochemistry III (Animal Biochemical Processes) Enhance your knowledge with a deeper understanding of life processes. A course designed for people working or wishing to work in a human or animal health or science related profession, as practitioner, educator or researcher. Science
Biochemistry III (Plant Processes) This is an advanced course on biochemistry that will give you a deep understanding on how life processes work, where living organism obtain their energy and nutrients and how these are processed to renew and develop new living materials. Science
Bioenergetics Human (Biology Ib ) This course gives you the tools to manage energy levels in people. Learn what is energy, how to increase people's energy levels and maintain them in different situations, when rest is the perfect recovery tool and how to perform exercises for better energy management. Science
Bookkeeping I This is a basic bookkeeping course, suitable for either the beginner, or people with only basic knowledge. It provides a very sound foundation, and does cover more than what is often covered in introductory courses at other colleges. Business Accredited
Bookkeeping II This course is a natural progression from Bookkeeping I. It covers stock control and other issues not covered in Bookkeeping I, and looks at accounting for trading firms, and the differences between recording and reporting. It consists of 12 lessons. Art and Design Accredited
Botany 2 This course explains the principles and practices of plant physiology. The course is designed for all those that need to know plants in depth, how they work, how they grow, which factors promote their development and which factors hinders their growth. Science
Botany I - Plant Physiology And Taxonomy Discover the world of Botany. The course contains the basis of plant science, and is an introduction to plant physiology and taxonomy, covering general botany including morphology and anatomy. It satisfies the Royal Horticulture Society’s Module B of the Advanced Certificate in Horticulture. Science
Business Operations To ensure success in business, you need to begin with a strong foundation of skills and knowledge in various aspects of business operation and planning. This course is a good choice if you're wondering where to start. It covers vital topics such as finance, financial record keeping, financial management, business planning, mistakes to avoid, and more. This course does overlap with Business Studies and Starting a Small Business, so you should choose to do one or the other, not any two of these. Business
Business Planning Planning is an integral part of the success of a business. In every business, there are certain things that should be planned for, using systematic, proven methods. This course will help you to develop a better capacity to plan, and in turn, develop a better capacity to successfully manage a business. Business
Business Studies Establishing and managing a small business, or a department within a larger business, requires knowledge and skill. As well as teaching you 'the basics', this course will teach you to develop and implement procedures that work as controlling mechanisms which can sometimes deal with problems automatically as they arise. Business
Cardio Respiratory Performance (Human Biology III) Breathing is the most important function in the human body, it is the first function that keep us alive. Correct breathing gives us energy and prevents ageing. This courses describes the art of breathing. It provides you with knowledge to improve your energy levels and prevent ageing with correct respiration. Science
Cell Biology An essential foundation course for all people interested in human health, animal care and animal studies. The cell is the basic unit of life. Its knowledge is most essential to understand how life works for higher animals and plants. Science
Certificate In Herbs It covers less horticulture and focused more strongly on herbs than the Certificate in Horticulture -Herbs. This course is more appropriate for the small business operator who not only grows herbs but also harvests and value adds (eg. perhaps producing herb products). Horticulture Accredited
Certificate In Horticulture (Crops) A course for people working, or intending to work, in orchards or market gardens. This course is similar to other VHT002 horticulture certificates in its introductory (core) units, but devotes 50% of the course to topics specifically related to crop production. Horticulture Accredited
Certificate In Horticulture (Cut Flowers) A 700 hr course for people working or wishing to work in the area of cut flower production. This course is similar to other VHT002 horticulture certificates in its introductory (core) units, but devotes 50% of the course to topics specifically related to the production and marketing of cut flowers. Agriculture Accredited
Certificate In Horticulture (Herbs) Herbs are nature’s therapy. They can make our foods more delicious, our skin more beautiful, our bodies healthier, and our minds happier. In this excellent course, you will learn how to grow herbs, harvest and use herbs for commercial purposed, crafts, cooking, therapies and personal enjoyment. And even more, your ability to successful work with herbs will be based on solid training in horticulture. Horticulture Accredited
Certificate In Information Technology A broad foundation course for anyone seeking entry into a career with computers. It is also a good course for people looking to complement their existing careers with IT knowledge. No previous IT experience is required to undertake this course. Information Technology Accredited
Certificate In Journalism This course will provide you with a skills and knowledge base that prepares you to start a career as a freelance writer, an editor or a publisher. Many journalists begin their careers as freelance writers, submitting articles to newspapers and magazines. The broad scope of this course will prepare you to work as a writer in a publishing business, a freelancer, or in other areas of publishing. English, Creative Writing and Journalism Accredited
Certificate In Management Develop a capacity to manage a small business, start a small business and manage projects. This course provides the building blocks of management knowledge. Covering areas such as Bookkeeping, Motivation, Supervision, Business Planning, Project Management and Industrial Psychology, it will equip you with the knowledge and skills that will help to grow your business. Business Accredited
Certificate In Marketing This is a course designed to develop knowledge and skills in the planning and management of special events including gallery openings, festivals, exhibitions and sporting events. It is also a very good starting point for people thinking in developing an Event Management career and wanting to try the waters first. Business Accredited
Certificate in Web Design Will prepare you to design and maintain web pages for different purposes. Information Technology Accredited
Child Psychology This course develops your understanding of child behaviour and development and factors that influence them. Humanities
Children's Writing Develop your ability to write for children and get published English, Creative Writing and Journalism
Communications This course improves your ability to communicate in all situations. You learn to write and speak more fluently. Behaviour, visual communications, language, public speaking, conducting meetings, writing letters and reports, communications technology, and lots more are covered. This course is an accredited Advanced Certificate in Applied Management unit which will earn you credit if you choose to continue studies. English, Creative Writing and Journalism
Computer Servicing II The emphasis is on personal computers (ie. P.C's) and while the course is relevant to all types of PC's it is particularly relevant to IBM and IBM compatible systems. This is because these are the most popular systems used in business today. Information Technology
Computer Servicing III If you have previous IT experience and do not want to go through the basics this course is the one to choose. This follows on from Computer Servicing 11 dealing further with more advanced computer repairs Information Technology
Computer Studies I A beginners course, developing an understanding of computers, their applications in industry, and skills to use and manage the use of computers in a workplace situation. It is an excellent course for people wanting to have a starting point with computers. It is a very basic course which will give you basic a knowledge of computers. It requires no prior knowledge of computers. Information Technology
Computer Studies II This course is or people who already know how to use a computer, but wish to extend their skills, particularly with respect to Microsoft applications. Information Technology
Creative Writing If you love writing and want to improve your skills, network with other writers, and get personal guidance from a team of professional writers, this course is for you. Our principal and staff have authored over 150 magazines and 40 books. Tutors are exceptionally well qualifed, with university degrees in writing or journalism and more than 10 years experience in writing and publishing. English, Creative Writing and Journalism
Culinary Herbs Learn how to identify and successfully grow dozens of common and uncommon edible herbs. Horticulture
Dairy Cattle This is a very practical foundation course; providing unique and extensive support from university qualified and industry experienced experts. If you want to learn about dairy cattle and their management, this is the course for you. Agriculture
Degree studies ACS delivers modules towards degrees from Warnborough University in Agriculture, horticulture, psychology, counselling, environmental sci and leisure mgmt. Art and Design Accredited
Digital Photography Learn to use a digital camera to take and manipulate images Art and Design
Diploma In Journalism This Diploma is designed to not only develop your capacity to write commercially viable copy, but also understand the publishing industry, and develop a variety of skills which will be useful to employers or yourself when pursuing a career in journalism. English, Creative Writing and Journalism Accredited
Diploma In Publishing And Journalism This course provides a comprehensive, solid basis for a career in journalism, and is suitable for students considering careers in any aspect of journalism, including photo journalism and publishing. English, Creative Writing and Journalism Accredited
Earth Science Earth Science develops an ability to identify and describe the Earth, its structure and explain processes that affect change in the structure and composition of the earth. Learn about rocks and minerals, meteorology, global weather patterns, the oceans, surface chances (eg. earthquakes and volcanoes), geological time and more. Environment
Ecotour Management Tourism has become huge, and ecotourism one of the largest sectors of the modern tourist industry. Environment
Ecotourism Tour Guide Course Develop your ability to organise and conduct ecotourism services including tours and activities Environment
Efficient Writing This course is particularly useful for people who wish to brush up on their writing skills, or to obtain basic skills which they should have but did not develop properly while at school. It aims to provide an understanding of how to write clearly and efficiently, and to communicate thoughts in the minimum number of words, and without any ambiguity. English, Creative Writing and Journalism
Entrepreneurship This course analyses entrepreneurship as a crucial part of business development, and will enhance your ability to apply entrepreneurial principles to business. Develop the entrepreneur in you! increase innovation in your business, and increase the chance of business success. Business
Equine Behaviour If you want to work with horses, train horses, or just understand your horse a little better, this course is for you! The study of equine behaviour provides a foundation for more sensitive and informed care and training of horses, and can help you understand your horse's behaviour, and work more effectively with its inherent nature. Agriculture
ESL Writing fundamentals Develop your knowledge of English grammar and your ability to write in English for business and study. Suitable for those with a basic grasp on written English. English, Creative Writing and Journalism
Event Management Learn to plan, create, manage, and evaluate a successful event in sport, recreation, tourism, business, education, community work, motivation, or the arts. This course will empower you with the skills and knowledge to succeed in event management in all areas. Business
Farm Management Improve your capacity to more effectively manage a farm or agricultural enterprise which services farms Agriculture
Healthy Buildings I (Building Construction & Health) Develops skills to determine the impact of building construction characteristics upon human health, and to recommend innovations in building design to improve habitability. It covers building materials, construction techniques, electrical wiring, temperature and light control, ventilation, plumbing, ergonomics, and psychological factors. Sports, Recreation and Fitness
Healthy Buildings II (Building Environment & Health) Develops skills to evaluate, describe and explain how physical characteristics of a building and its surrounds have an impact upon human health. This course builds on Healthy Buildings I, but can also stand alone as it covers such topics as impact and the macro-environment. Sports, Recreation and Fitness
Herb Culture This is designed to develop a solid grounding in herb growing and the herb industry. An average student can complete this in around 100 hrs (Though you may take longer if you wish to get the most from the experience... it is not a light weight course by any means!). Horticulture
Herbs (Basic Course) This course aims to familiarise you with the use and culture of what are traditionally the most common herb plants. It should provide you with a sound framework upon which you will be able to develop your knowledge of herbs. Horticulture
Horse Care I Learn to manage the daily requirements of a horse at grass. Agriculture
Horse Care II Follows on from Horse Care I; but this is a stand alone course and can be taken without Horse Care I Agriculture
Html (Writing A Website) his course is suitable for anyone who wants to learn programming in html. It can be a hobby or to create a website for your personal or business use. Keeping in mind that web development companies charge thousands of dollars to develop websites for businesses this course is a good investment. Information Technology
Human Anatomy & Physiology (Human Biology 1A) Acquire and deepen your knowledge in Human Anatomy and Physiology. This course provides you with the knowledge basis to a career in Human Health and Wellbeing. You will understand what is a human body, how it works and which factors determine health. Science
Journalism Practice I This module gives you hands-on experience in writing for a publication. You are assigned a mentor (member of our academic staff) who will oversee your role as writer for an online publication, for one edition of that publication. English, Creative Writing and Journalism
Journalism Practice II This module gives you hands-on experience in writing for a publication as a feature writer. You are assigned a mentor (member of our academic staff) who will oversee your role as a feature writer for an online publication, for one edition of that publication. English, Creative Writing and Journalism
Lavender For the lavender enthusiast, or anyone interested in starting commercial lavender production. Lavender has been a popular cultivated plant for many centuries and is perhaps the most common, and certainly one of the most versatile herbs you could ever consider growing. Agriculture
Leisure Facility Management II Half of this course focuses on facility design and the other half on managing maintenance of a facility. Students are assumed to have some broad experience or knowledge in Leisure Facility Management (Managing daily use is covered in far more detail in the first course, but not in this one). Sports, Recreation and Fitness
Leisure Management 1 Develop Marketing Skills for the Leisure Industry During this course you will learn to develop strategies to market recreation facilities or services. The course shows you how to do things such as: Develop marketing and promotions to maintain or increase business; Manage the delivery of a service to ensure customer satisfaction; Monitor a membership database to ensure return business and Manage complaints. Sports, Recreation and Fitness
Leisure Management II Develops management strategies for human resources in a recreation or fitness service, or facility. Sports, Recreation and Fitness
Leisure Management III Develop management strategies for clerical and financial operations in a recreation or fitness environment. Sports, Recreation and Fitness
Leisure Management IV This module will enable the learner to develop management policy, procedural, and planning aspects of a recreation oriented service or facility. This course covers policy development and management, meeting operational procedures, planning process managment, meeting and conference management as well as supervising reports. Sports, Recreation and Fitness
Machinery & Equipment (Engineering I) This course gives you the knowledge and develops your ability to independently manage the selection, operation and maintenance of tools and machinery used in professional gardening, agriculture and horticulture. Science
Marketing Psychology When you understand why people make a decision to buy, or not to buy, you have a foundation for improving the marketing of anything. This is a different but very important and valuable course for anyone involved in sales, marketing or business of any kind. Business
Marketing Systems This course is designed as a program to help you firstly understand the marketing world; then assist you in making a decisions and developing skills in marketing. Emphasis is placed on profitability and efficiency! Business
Medicinal Herbs Learn the basics of how to identify and correctly administer herbs for medicinal purposes. Horticulture
Muscles & Movement ( Human Biology II) Enhance your career with more in depth knowledge on why humans see, touch, smell, taste and hear the world around us like we do. The course also shows with practical examples how our body is able to move and how to improve flexibility, performance and posture. Science
Photoshop Student will gain a basic understanding of how to create and manipulate images and artwork compositions using Adobe Photoshop 7 for use on the web, email and print. Art and Design
Photoshop - Beginner To Medium Level If you work with images, photos, and graphics, you will find this course very useful. It is also an excellent course for people who are interested in digital photography, and are wanting to learn to edit and print their pictures. Information Technology
Physiology II (Human) A course designed for health therapists and all those working in health care that want or need to develop a deeper understanding of the human body processes and health maintenance. Science
Plant Ecology The course is a basic foundation for people wishing to pursue a career in sciences, environment, agriculture, gardening, landscaping, organic farming, permaculture and herbal medicine, and for all people interested in the natural world. Science
Play Leadership Uninterrupted play is important for a child’s social, physical and mental development; play encourages brain development, stimulates creativity, increases a child’s academic ability, and enhances quality of life through to adulthood. Children who have learnt how to play, will have a more playful and creative approach to life as adults. Sports, Recreation and Fitness
Poultry Develop your ability to select and manage poultry for different purposes. Agriculture
Proficiency Award In Computer Programming Learn how to program in ASP.NET, Visual Basic.Net, SQL for the Web Information Technology
Proficiency Award In Nutrition This Proficiency Award in Nutrition is a specialist qualification aimed at people who already have significant training in their field, yet who wish to undertake specialist studies made up of: a) Human Nutrition I,II and III b) A workplace project (200 hours). Sports, Recreation and Fitness
Publishing I It is easier today than ever before for anyone to become a publisher; particularly for electronic publishing. This course provides an excellent start for anyone considering self publishing or seeking employment in publishing. It is equally relevant to electronic or print publishing. English, Creative Writing and Journalism
Publishing III This course will help you understand business requirements and practices in the publishing industry. English, Creative Writing and Journalism
QL For The Web This course provides a comprehensive introduction to SQL. By the end of the course, the student should be able to easily understand all the major aspects of SQL. Information Technology
Resistance & Gym Supervision This course is a basic for anyone wanting to into fitness instruction. Some of the elements covered include types of resistance training, equipment and applications as well as developing training methods. Students must have access to a gym for the practical component. Sports, Recreation and Fitness
RHS Advanced Certificate This is an excellent standalone qualification or a sound starting point for advanced study in horticulture. Prepares students to sit the RHS examinations. Horticulture Accredited
Sports Nutrition Learn how nutrition relates to sporting performance. This course details some elements such as energy in the athlete's body, fluids, competition and training diets. Perfect for the amateur (or professional) sportsman, trainer, coach, or anyone wanting to better manage diet for improved or more appropriate sporting performance. Sports, Recreation and Fitness
Sports Psychology This course/module will develop your skills and understanding of psychological principles for use in sports. The curriculum covers motivation, team dynamics as well as psychological traits of successful athletes. Sports, Recreation and Fitness
Stress Management Anxiety, tension, and mental and emotional strain are all common problems in modern society. This course introduces you to some practical approaches to understanding how it affects the body, dealing with the symptoms, and giving you tools to combat stress. Sports, Recreation and Fitness
Technical Writing (Advanced) Develop skills to write technical information for a variety of different purposes. Students taking this course should have a basic understanding of technical writing including referencing procedures. If the subject is totally new, you may need to undertake some additional reading, before progressing beyond the first lesson. English, Creative Writing and Journalism
Vertebrate Zoology If you want to spend the greater proportion of your working life actually with vertebrates, then one of the animal caring professions may be for you. This course will give you a thorough understanding of “higher” animals’ Zoology and Evolution, together with some principles on animal ecology and morphology. The course is also designed to further vertebrates knowledge for media and tourism professionals wishing to specialise in nature. Science
Visual Basic.Net This course provides a comprehensive introduction to Visual Basic.NET. Information Technology
Viticulture Essentials of growing and maintaining grape vines and managing a vineyard. Horticulture
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